10 Body Language Hacks That Can Teach You About Other People’s Psyche
Published: Jul 25, 2015

The power of gestures is often underestimated. They can convey a lot without having to use words. Some are voluntary gestures that we make, like a strong handshake, nodding your head in approval (or rejection), winking and blowing a kiss. While there are a few others gestures that are involuntary. Mostly we don’t even pay attention to it, they are a result of our subconscious.

Together these gestures constitute a body language. If studied closely, these signs of body language can tell you a lot about a person’s inner thoughts and psyche.

Want to learn the trait to master them? Here are a few that are easy to pick:

1. Eye Contact


A confident and often dominating person makes a strong eye contact while communicating. If a person cannot make eye contact while talking and looks away way too often then it indicates that they’re hiding something and have low self-esteem.

2. Copy Cats



When a person involuntarily mirrors expressions and postures then there are high chances that they’re in agreement with the person whom they’re copying. They also might be impressed by them. (Some texts even say they might be sexually interested in them.)

3. Follow the Feet


People concentrate on the upper body and the lower body often gives out what they don’t say. For example:
Feet tapping: Nervousness & disturbed mind
Feet pointed in a person’s direction: Interested in that person
Feet pointed towards the door: Eager to leave/Has plans/Uncomfortable
Stretched & curled feet: Relaxed mind state

4. The Eyebrows



If someone is interested in what you are saying or is amused by it, there are high chances that they’ll raise their eyebrows.
On the contrary, lowered eyebrows depict tension, fear or confusion.

5. Classic every-girl-photo-pose



The common girly pose shows a lot more than I am trying to be hot. It reveals that you are between many unsettling thoughts and most probably stuck in a dilemma in your head. (To pout or not to pout?)

6. Hiding Hands



While talking when a person keeps their hands in their pockets, crosses them at their back or keeps them in their lap, then there are very high chances that they are not telling you the whole story and trying to hide something from you.

7. Rubbing back of the neck



It means that that the person is comforting himself/herself and they are not very confident of what they are saying. If you observe this person closely you might also notice other signs such as touching his/her face or collar confirming that they’re not completely honest.

8. The differenve between a fake smile and a real smile



When people have a genuine smile on their face it reflects in their eyes. On the other hand a fake smile comes and goes within a few seconds and there is no twinkle in the eye as a result. People who like you give you a real smile while fake smiles are given only for the sake of formality.

9. Flirting moves


Women: Arched back, hair flipping, normal touch that lingers for more than usual.
Men: Chest out, sly smile, arms around the waist or touching that area.

10. Open or Defensive



Open: Palms out, wrists are visible, eye contact, head nods,  eye contact, and calm body.
Defensive: Crossed arms, crossed legs, less eye contact and fidgety body.

So the next time you attend an important meeting or hang out with a large group of friends, try breaking the code!

Ps: Not every signal is applicable in every situation. Natural reactions to an external stimuli may also affect the results.

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