10 Completely Legitimate Reasons For Being A Runaway Bride or Groom
Published: Mar 2, 2015

Not all marriages are made in heaven. Sometimes before the marriage there are many warning signs that make you wonder if you’re ready to take the leap or not. If you’re having second thought walking towards that stage, here are some legitimate reasons to run. Seriously. Run!

1. You’re not ready to shoulder so many responsibilities

The thought of starting a family scares the daylights out of you could be a sign

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2. She wants you to remember each and every cousins birthday by heart

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3. Your future mother-in-law asks you if you’d consider losing weight.

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4. He recently confessed his degrees are fake

Wait wait…. What?!

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5. He doesn’t want you to hang out with your guy friends after marriage and even delete them off Facebook

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6. He hinted that you will have to leave your job and help around the house more

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7. Meeting your father-in-law to be didn’t feel like an interrogation it was an interrogation

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8. He’s determined to re-enact scenes from 50 Shades Of Grey


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9. She went into a raging fit when you didn’t respond to her WhatsApp within 5 minutes of her sending it

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10. “You’re okay with an open marriage right?”

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