10 Famous Songs by Ali Azmat That Never Fail To Refresh You
Published: Apr 20, 2016

Our very own rock star, Ali Azmat was born in Abbottabad this day! Ali was the lead singer for Junoon, which as an important part of Pakistan’s music industry, the famous band brought several international accolades to the country.

Source: newsrepublica
Source: newsrepublica

Musical renditions and amazing songs by Junoon were a part of everybody’s playlist from the 90’s up until 2005. Junoon was the band that represented the youth of Pakistan! And everyone loved all their songs. Azadi, Parvaaz, Inquilab, Deewar, Daur-e-Junoon are some of their famous albums.

Azmat left Junoon in 2005 to pursue his solo career but we didn’t stop loving his songs. You can’t stop loving a rock star, because they keep getting better, and so did Ali!

Source: CokeStudio
Source: CokeStudio

Here is a list of 10 famous songs by the Ali Azmat that never fail to refresh you.


 1. Deewana

 2. Na Re Na

3. Teri Parchaian

4. Kande Utte


5. Gallan

6. Garaj Baras

7. Tanha Hai Kyun

8. Yeh Kya Hua

9. Ishq Bhi Kiya Re Maula

10. Rangeela

Here’s wishing Ali Azmat a very happy birthday!

Source: tumblr
Source: tumblr

Keep Rocking!

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