10 Guys You Meet At The Gym Who Annoy The Crap Out Of You!
Published: Aug 28, 2015

The gym is a health freak’s safe haven. It’s where a guy¬†goes to relieve himself from all the stress and worry in the world. Where men can be men and work on their physique and manliness. When you do go to the gym though, especially and all guys gym, you get to meet some really cool and some really… amusing people. Some can annoy the crap out of you and others become life long friends. here are 10 people you meet at the gym you annoy the bejesus out of you!

1) The Grunter

This man has to let everyone in the gym, and around the gym, know that he’s lifting heavy weights. He grunts, moans, screams and just makes about any type of sound to let you know he’s still around.


2) The sweat bucket

This man is not a man, he’s a walking sweat bucket. Wherever he goes and whatever machine he uses will be wet from his sweat. AND HE DOESN’T EVEN WIPE IT OFF! WHY?!?


3) The form fixer

This man is more concerned about your workout than his. His aim in the gym is to make sure everyone’s form is perfect. Even if your form is perfect, you’re probably not doing it right to his standard.

fixing form

4) The cross-fit guy

This guy just found out about cross-fit and is doing it anywhere and everywhere. From weird jumps on boxes to super unnecessary lifts right after. Why are you even here cross-fit guy? Why?


5) The chatterbox

This guy isn’t here to workout, he’s actually here to socialise. Maybe he’s lonely, maybe he doesn’t know that people are here only to workout and he’s disturbing them or maybe he just doesn’t care what you think and must tell you about what happened at work. Jeez!

jaw day

6) The one who won’t get off the phone

This guy is on the phone 24/7. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re on the phone at the gym while you’re on a machine that I want to use, then we have a problem!


7) The monster

This guy is a complete monster – he’s looks like the stunt-double for the Hulk. He looks as though he could lift every weight in the room and just doesn’t get tired. He just demotivates you only because your heaviest set is his warm up set. (3)

8) The social-media addict

This guy just comes to the gym to show people he’s at the gym. He checks-in on Facebook as soon as he gets in, barely lifts anything, works out a tad bit, reads comments on his check-in status, hangs around for an hour or so and then posts a picture like this one below… promptly after he leaves the gym!


9) The selfie guy

Like the social-media guy, this one doesn’t lift much but instead poses the whole time he’s at the gym. He’s like Narcis who’s in love with himself. Buy him a mirror as a present and he will love you forever.


10) The inventer

This guy invents workout regimes for himself out of thin air for absolutely no reason whatsoever. He believes that he can do ten things at the same time on the same machine, falls a thousand times, but believes that if you feel pain the workout must be working. Please stop doing what you’re doing! (4)