10 Movies You Should Never Watch Alone
Published: Jan 24, 2016

These movies are the scariest movie of all time. They will keep you up all night or give you nightmares if you fall asleep. Whatever you do do not watch these movies alone!

Here are 10 movies you should never watch alone!

1. The Omen (1976)

Though this movie may be old it will still send chills down your spine even now

2. The blair with project

The first of it’s kind, this is the first movie which was filmed as a documentary.

3. Nightmare on Elm street (1984)

How can you go to sleep when Freddy Kruger kills you in your sleep?

4. The shining

A family live in an empty hotel but strange things begin to happen to each family member in the hotel

5. The sixth sense

A young boy who can see dead people, what could be more terrifying?

6. The Ring

People die mysteriously seven days after watching a tape

7. Halloween

A murderer comes out on Halloween and he’s after you

8. IT

If you’re not scared of clowns, you will be!

9. Evil Dead

One of the top grossing gory movies which made Bruce Campbell famous

10. The Exorcist

The scariest movie of all time, which was based on a true story will have you not sleeping the whole night!