10 Nationalities That Have Admitted To Stealing!
Published: Jun 5, 2015

Recently, a survey was conducted where interviewers asked travellers about their nationality and if they had ever stolen anything from a hotel. These items do not include toiletries but included things like bathrobes, coat hangers, bed linen, towels, pillows etc. Basically anything they could possibly sneak into their luggage. We are going from the nationality that steals the least, to the nationality that steals the most.

10. USA

This nationality steals the least amount of things from hotels with just 53% of Americans admitting to taking things from hotels.

Source: listverse.com


9. Japan

Forget the Bushido code, these guys just love free stuff! 56% Japanese people admit to taking things from hotels.

Source: katenews2day.com

8. Italy

57% of Italians have admitted to taking more than just toiletries from a hotel!

Source: southwalesargus.co.uk

7. Mexico

Mexicans came 4th on the list with 59% admitting to stealing from hotel rooms.

Source: tripwow.tripadvisor.com

6. Russia

Russia ties with Mexico at 59%.


5. Ireland

67% of Irish travellers admitted to stealing things from hotels!

Source: uniglobepreferred.co.uk

4. Germany

Germans are seventh on the list with 68% of German travellers admitting to taking things from hotels which did not belong to them.

Source: shutterstock.com

3. Spain

The Spaniards come in at third place as the nationality that steals the most with 70% admitting to stealing items from hotels!

Source: budgettravel.about.com

2. Singapore

Singapore comes in at second beating Spain by 1% at 71%!

Source: colourbox.com

1. Argentina

Now you know the nationality that steals the most is Argentina. Argentinians love taking things from hotels with 73% admitting to taking things from hotel rooms!

Source: time.com


Now mind you, these are all people who admitted to taking things from hotel rooms. This list does not include those who lied on the survey :p

Plus point: Pakistan did not make it to the list! WOOHOO!