10 Naughty But Successful Ways Of Getting Your Way!
Published: Aug 26, 2015

We have fallen victim to many of these psychological tricks, in fact, some of them have been proven to work for sure – if done correctly! These 10 tricks are the best way to get people to do things you want. These tricks can in no way be used to put someone down or lower their self esteem, BUT they can be used to get permission from ammi or baba for anything.

1. How to make your cousins like you more than your siblings

Asking for a personal favour from anyone will make them like you more. The theory is that when you ask for a personal or ‘secret’ favour from someone that person will immediately assume that they have important enough to have been asked that do it. It can be anything. *Evil smile*

2. How to make the bully in class like you

my name

Saying a person’s name often is said to give the person a sense of validation. Poeple like hearing the sound of their own name and in return they end up liking you too. The more often you say it the more the person will like you, but don’t say it so often that it becomes weird! It also makes the person, whose name is being said, think that you you know a lot more about them than just their name.

3. How to get whatever you want!


Want to go to a concert but don’t have enough money? Ask mom for more money than you need and when she says no, be REALLY sad. The trick here is to ask for something you know the other person will not give. Right after they refuse, ask them for what you really want! So when the person rejects you the first favour, they feel bad and obliged to help you the second time around! Win!

4. How to give your brother or sister an offer they can’t refuse


Want your brother or sister to do your homework? Then try this: ask them for a small, like really, small favour. Once they agree to this small favour make them feel like they are the most capable people in the world. Praise them incessantly. Then they will feel more inclined to help you with the next favour you ask them for. Psychologist found it easier though to ask them for the next favour a day or two later, not two seconds after asking for the first favour!

5. Want your crush to like you? Copy them


Mirroring a person is a technique where you copy others behaviours and mannerisms. This makes the two of you seem more alike and makes it seem like you have more things in common. So go copy the way your crush talks and what they like, just don’t copy the way they dress!

6. How to get your teacher to like you

skin probs

“Flattery will get you nowhere.” Is actually not all that true. Sincere flattery can take you a LONG way. Just make sure it looks sincere though. In fact, BE sincere. Flatter people, it always gets them to like you.

7. How to get your parents to say yes!


When people are tired, their mental energy is also low – asking them to do something for you at this point will not get them to do it right there and then. BUT they will be more susceptible to saying yes if you ask them for something for tomorrow!! So ask them for permission to do something when they’re really tired –  chances are they won’t say no.

8. How to not fight with your sibling

stop listening

When your sibling is wrong, chances are you will argue with them – and chances are they won’t like that. Instead, stay quiet and listen to their side and then reach a common ground you both agree on. Using THAT to explain your position will make them more likely to listen to what you have to say and allow you to correct them without them getting mad.

9. How to find out secrets


Saying the same things others are but paraphrasing it makes them feel like you have more empathy for them, this will make them more comfortable around you and make them open up to you more. Be agreeable – make them feel like you think they’re opinion is just like yours which is why you like them – that way they will be more likely talking about EVERYTHING you want to hear about too!

 10. How to convince your friends to do what you want!


When a person is talking and nodding at the same time, the other person starts mimicking them without realising it. Doing this will cause the other person to be more agreeable to whatever you’re saying. Keep smiling and stay ‘amused’. As long as it’s not something illegal, we hope.

Try them out and let us know if you got into trouble or not! Good luck!