10 Of The Hardest Find The Panda Puzzles You Will Play
Published: Jan 6, 2016

Who’s looking for Waldo now? It’s all about the Panda. The new ‘Find the Panda puzzles have become viral and people are going crazy about them.

Here are the hardest ones you will find. Good luck!

1. Full Metal Alchemist edition, find that panda!

2. Find the 102 Dalmat.. I mean Panda

3. Can you find the panda between these customers getting facials?

4. When a Panda wants to be Pope

5. A Where’s Waldoesque Where’s the panda?

6. Find the death metal loving panda

7. Sex, Drugs and Panda

8. Why are panda’s black and white


9. Find the panda if you can… Hint: It’s in the picture

10. Did you find it yet? I’m still looking for it


Which one did you find to be the hardest?