10 Of The Least Visited (Most Exotic) Countries In The World!
Published: Jul 11, 2015

We, at WebChutneyPK, love to travel! We love going to new and exciting place. In the past, we looked at the most difficult passports to travel with and the best passports to travel with. Now if you’re thinking about travelling and want to go to some place new and exciting, why not go on vacation to one of the least visited countries in the world? It’ll be something to write home about and you can show off to your travel buddies about how you went some place not many people have travelled to before.

Below is a list of the top ten least visited countries of the world.

10. Comoros

Comoros offers a great trek to a volcano for all the adventure lovers out there! And they have great diving and sailing facilities here. They also have amazing sea food and beautiful beaches and marines.

Source: goista.com
Source: thisisafrica.me

9. Sao Tome and Principle

The best place to go fishing and whale watching! Sao Tome even has pristine beaches, beautiful Portugese colonial architecture and amazing trekking facilities. The country (like it’s slogan says) is “A well kept secret!”

sao tome
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Source: happytellus.com

8. Turkmenistan

A country with the most marble clad buildings and a tourist attraction called the “door way to hell”. It has beautiful black sand deserts, colourful canyons and there dinosaur plateaus are especially worth a mention.

Source: centralasiacultures.com
Source: photo.sf.co.ua

7. Guinea-Bissau

You can visit many islands when you get to Guinea-Bissau; a place well known for it’s oysters. With not many signs of modern life, this little treasure trove is for those who want to discover nature’s bounties unspoiled by man. Expect it to be like travelling back in time.

Source: traveladventures.org
Source: cecplp.org

6. Kiribati

An ideal place for people who love water. Kiribati has crystal clear water islands and many virgin beaches. Tourists can enjoy fishing, snorkelling, water sports and diving.

Source: bloomberg.com
Source: janeresture.com

5. Equatorial Guinea

A place with beautiful beaches and amazing snorkelling opportunities. This little heaven on earth is also one of the smallest countries in the world!

Source: paradiseintheworld.com
Source: skyscrapercity.com

4. Marshall Islands

One of the safest countries in the world with virtually no crime rate whatsoever. The beaches are beautiful and the water is crystal clear. A favourite for people who enjoy water based activities, especially deep-sea diving.

Source: pacifictourisminvest.com
Source: guardianlv.com

3. Tuvalu

Home to very genuine and friendly people, Tuvalu is similar to Kiribati and is equipped with many fun water-based facilities!

Source: oceanislandtravel.com
Source: climateactionprogramme.org

2. Somalia

One of the most violent, dangerous and corrupt countries in the world. Mogadishu in Somalia is also the best tourist attraction! So if you’re in the mood for some adventure – this is your place to go!

Source: somalilandpress.com
Source: iftineducation.com

1. Nauru

The smallest country in the world and that too without a capital. You could walk around the shore in half a day! This is the perfect for honeymooners who want to go some place intimate and close-knit; the ultimate getaway!

Source: en.wikipedia.org
Source: garfors.com

So if you’re done visiting all the countries you always visit, give these places a try. There are surprises in-store for everybody! Bon voyage!


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