10 Of The Scariest Places On Earth You Don’t Want To Visit!
Published: Jun 6, 2015

Have you ever had the feeling that you are being watched by someone invisible?

The world is full of ‘unsolved mysteries’, supernatural stories, and other eerie things. Believe it or not, there are many places on this earth that have been allegedly been captured by evil powers. These places are mostly abandoned and can give anyone the creeps. Below are few scary places, that have some of the weirdest history associated with them. Spirits wander there and people who have visited these places have felt some of the most sinister paranormal activities.

We have made a list of few of the scariest places on earth that are bound to give you some goosebumps.

1. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Famous as one of the most haunted sites. Many paranormal activities including, sudden drops in temperature, feeling of something tugging at your clothes and presence of shadowy figures has been noted here.

2. Aokigahara forest, Japan

It is believed that this quiet forest at the base of mount Fuji has some association with the demons in Japanese Mythology. It is among the most popular places for those committing suicide and in 2010, more than 50 people took their own lives here.

3. Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

This chapel is home to dead remains of 70,000 people. The bones of these dead people have been arranged in the most bizarre way possible, making it one of the most horrifying places on earth. The chapel has a bone chandelier and garlands made of skulls!

4. The Riddle House

Located in Palm Beach County (Florida) and owned by Karl Riddle, this house was previously a funeral parlour (aka a Gatekeeper’s Cottage). The terror started spreading when one of the owner’s employees named Joseph hanged himself in the house. It is believed that the house is now haunted by Joseph’s spirit. During the renovation, many workers and carpenters have experienced many paranormal activities and the house was even investigated by the ghost hunting crew of the TV series Ghost Adventures. It is reported that many places in the house are haunted and some of the furniture still moves on its own. The building currently stands at Yesteryear Village where it was transported and reassembled.

5. The Death Bridge, Thailand

Located between Bangkok and Myanmar, this 258-mile bridge, saw the death of around 90,000 labourers and 16,000 allied war prisoners. With the history of a horrific episode and the way this bridge is constructed is terrifying! Although, it attracts a lot of visitors now.

6. Creepy abandoned doll factory in Spain

This factory in Spain is probably the most unnerving place on earth with half made creepy looking dolls sprawled everywhere!

7. Dracula Castle (aka Bran Castle), Romania

This castle looks scary even from outside, can you imagine what its like on the inside? With its connections to the cruel ruler, Vlad the Impaler (aka Count Dracula) this place is often called the place of supreme evil. It sits on the peaks of Transylvania and has a brutal history associated with it.

8. Hell Town, Ohio

This place was previously known as Boston. All the houses of this village were supposedly purchased by the US National Parks service back in the 1970s. Many claim that the government took this step to cover up a chemical spill at the village, while others claim that a mutant monster was created here. Another bizarre belief is that a mental patient roams around in the woods at night here, and the cemetery of the town is supposedly also haunted. Hence the name Hell Town, huh!

9. Hashima Island, Japan

Also known as Ghost Island, this place is located 15 km from Nagasaki. From 1890-1974, this island had a coal mining facility. Later, petroleum replaced coal and then suddenly, the island was abandoned…

10. Leap Castle, Ireland

Built by the O’Bannons in the 15th century, this castle is said to be possessed by various spirits including a beast called the Elemental. It is an evil creature with a human-like face and is roughly the size of a sheep.


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