10 Of The Strangest Sports Played Around The World
kick ball
Published: Jul 25, 2015

Everyone has that one sport they’ve been fond of since childhood. We have all grown up playing either football, basketball, wrestling, cricket or even badminton. But after a while these sports get boring and we want to try something new and here begins the quest for unusual sports.
Below is a list of the most unusual recognised sports played around the world:

1. Buzkashi

If you’ve seen Rambo 3, you should know this one. The objective is to take a cow or goat carcass to a goal in the opponent’s half on horseback. Since the game is played with animal carcasses, there aren’t many fouls a play can commit. It’s mainly played in Central Asia.

Afghans Play A Traditional Game Of Buzkashi

2. Shin Kicking

This one’s as simple as it sounds. You kick your opponent’s shin till he falls down on his knees. A match consists of three rounds and the person who wins two, wins the match. The sport is four-hundred-years-old and originates in England.


3. Toe Wrestling

Two opponents lock their feet and try to pin the other’s foot down. The game was invented by four drinkers in England in 1974 and is still played today.

toe wrestle

4. Quidditch

Yes, there is Quidditch in real too. The game played in Harry Potter with flying broomsticks, a snitch – the golden ball that also flies, and bludgers that distract the players. The real version of the same sport is called Muggle Quidditch. Played by the same rules set by J. K. Rowling, the only difference is the broomsticks don’t fly and the snitch here is a person with a tennis ball behind his shorts.

Muggle Quidditch

5. Seepak Takraw

This is a form of volleyball but instead of using their hands, the players must use their legs to kick the ball over the net. They must have amazing flexibility and dexterity to play this game.

kick ball

6. Gurning Contest

Gurning contest is a game where the person who makes the ugliest face wins. It originated in the United Kingdom in 1297 and is open for anyone and everyone.

Gurning World Championships at Egremont Crab Fair

7. Wife carrying competition

This game requires you to carry your wife for 253.5 meters through an obstacle course that includes various surfaces, tracks and even water. The winner gets a mobile phone and beer equal to the weight of his wife. This competition is held in Finland every July.

wife carrying

8. Extreme Ironing

Take ironing boards to remote locations and iron your clothes in mid air! The game was invented by Phil Shaw of England who wanted to go rock climbing one day and had to iron his clothes as well. He thought why not combine the two and hence Extreme Ironing came into being.


9. Bed Racing

The people of North Yorkshire have invented a race where the mode of transportation is a bed on four wheels which must float too. It’s a 3 kilometre race.


10. Chess Boxing

Who would have though combining Chess and Boxing would be a good idea? Chess Boxing consists of 11 rounds, four minutes each. A round of boxing is followed by one of chess and this continues until there is a knockout, checkmate or an opponent wins through points.

chess boxing

So which one rattled your bones the most?