10 Pakistani Item Songs Of 2014-15
Published: Jun 18, 2015

One of the secret of success of Bollywood movies are their sizzling hot items songs. These item songs have little to no link with the plot of film but people love these seductive dance routines. In Pakistan, for some odd reason, the rend of items songs has picked up, but it seems more like a ‘rescue’ tactic.

Apart from the criticism, whether you like them or not, our local item numbers have become the top most watched item songs so far. So I mean, do we really have the right to criticise when we watch them anyway?

Here is a list of 10 Pakistani item songs from 2014-2015 that have gone viral:

1. Mahnoor Baloch and Mathira (2014)

2. Sone Di Tawatri, Sultanet, Mona Lisa (2014)

3. Naughty Saiyyan, Mariyam Ali Hussain (2014)

4. The enticing Billi, Mehwash Hayat (2014)

5. Jawani – Zhalay Sarhadi (2015)

6. Our very own Sheila, Saba Qamar (2015)

7. Tutti frutti, Ayesha Omar (2015)

8. Current, Mathira (2015)

9. Wrong Number’s ‘Selfiyan’ with Soha Ali Abro (2015)

10. Ishq Kamla, Mariam Ansari (2015)