10 Pakistani TVCs You Forgot Existed
old advertisements  cover
Published: May 19, 2015

We are familiar with how the advertising industry has changed over time. Advertisements these days are quite creative and some are epic fails. We’ll always have room for improvement. But here are 10 TVC from the good ol’ days you’ve probably never seen before or have seen but have completely forgotten about.

1. Naurus

Telling your dad to bring two bottles of sharbat cause your pesky brother keeps stealing yours.

2. State Life Insurance

Praying for a long life for daddy dear!

3. Naz Pan Masala

Meri muthi main band hai kya?’ ‘Bata dou na?’

5. Dentonic

The first ever animated ad that aired in Pakistan. It wasn’t much but it was still pretty cool.

6. Dentonic (Non-animated)

And there is one that was not animated but fun to watch, nonetheless.

7. Binaca

When kids were pretty specific when it came to choosing their toothbrush and toothpaste! The jingle is just so catchy!!

8. Kiwi Shoe Polish

Ooooh, so that’s where this exotic bird lives? And I here I thought it was in the wild! Silly me!

9. Metro Milan Agarbatti

This could easily have been a scene from an old Lollywood film.

10. Polka Panda Ice-cream

This is/was very popular ice cream. The 90’s kids will most definitely remember the ice cream, but do you guys remember that it had a commercial?

Quite a blast from the past, huh? I’ve always loved looking back.