10 Pakistani Youth Who Have Made Us Proud
Published: Mar 14, 2015

Pakistan is home to a lot of talent. Many children of this nation have gone on to do great things and have made their mark around the globe. An example of such talent could be seen in Arfa Karim who was one of the youngest Microsoft Certified professionals in the world.

Our youth has time and time again proved themselves to be the best in the world in many areas such as education, sports and even video games!

We are proud of every Pakistani who has achieved something great; here is a list of Young Pakistanis who have made us proud!

1. Sumail Hassan Syed – Winner of Dota 2 Championship

Sumail, at the age of 15, sold his bike so he could enter a gaming tournament where his team achieved second place. He was also the youngest member on his team and won $1.2 Million!


2. Haroon Tariq – Obatained 87 A’s

Haroon broke the world record by obtaining 87 A’s in his IGCSE O and A levels.


3. Saad Ali- Only Pakistani Formula 1 racer

At 18 years old, Saad is the only Pakistani Formula 1 racer. Saad knew from an early age that he wanted to be a Formula 1 racer, and with hard work and perseverance he became one.


4. Awais Imran- Telenor Youth summit representative 2013

Awais Imran represented Pakistan in the Telenor Youth Summit in 2013. He has also designed an app called ShotDrop which got 50,000 downloads in only six months and is currently working as a growth engineer in Jumpshare. He is an active public speaker who has spoken at universities such as LUMS, NUST and GCU Lahore.


5. Aaima Asad – Scored first position in LLB (Hon)

Aaima scored the highest in her LLB exams. Always an outstanding student, she secured first position and was declared the highest scorer in the University of London External LLB exams.


6. Laraib Atta Hollywood visual effects artist

She is Pakistan’s first and youngest female visual effects artist in Hollywood who started working at the age of 19 in 2006. Laraib has worked on films such as X-Men: Days of Future Past, Godzilla, Gravity, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Trader and Prince Caspian, 10, 000 BC and Johnny Depp’s Sweeney Todd.


7. Haris Khan – Youngest smart phone app developer

Haris Khan is the youngest smartphone developer. He developed his first app ‘Super Soccer Kick’ 3D, a football game app which you can find on iTunes and was launched in 2014. He is the youngest app creator at the age of 11


8. Imaan Qureshi – Tennis star

She’s the youngest Pakistani tennis player, was ranked third in Asia in the under 14 tournament and won first prize in the National Women’s  Cup at the age of 11. Imaan plans to compete in an Indian tournament in 2015.


9. Babar Iqbal – Youngest certified computer record holder

Babar Iqbal is the youngest professional computer record holder. He has the international records of youngest MCP, CWNA CIWA, MSP, MCTS and  his research was accepted by the 8th IEEE International Conference. He is currently working for Microsoft and is based in Dubai.


10. Syed Maaz Imran – Telenor Youth summit representative 2014

Maaz represented Pakistan in the Telenor Youth Summit held in 2014 in Oslo. After which he also attended the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. His idea was chosen over 800 other people who had applied from Pakistan. He proposed to launch eTuitionHub, a website that provides online tuitions to people from all over the world.


The Telenor Youth Forum is an annual event by Telenor in partnership with the Nobel Peace Center. It brings together opinion-shaping youth from 13 different countries in Oslo, Norway to connect, share and transform for a better digital future.

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