11 Reasons Karachi Summers Are The Most Fun!
Published: Jun 11, 2015

Karachi is getting hotter day by day; you could literally fry an egg on main Shah-rah-e-Faisal. That hot! But can we waste our summer break and stay indoors because it’s hot out there? No. If you are a Karachiite or you plan to visit Karachi this summer, these are the summer activities you should be on the look out for!

1. Beach

It is impossible to talk about Karachi without talking about the beaches in Karachi. Sure the beaches in Barcelona might be beautiful, but the thrill of spending a day at the beaches in Karachi, riding camels, eating corn, driving a lit up dune buggy all over the place is unbeatable!

Source: Dawn.com

2. Aladin Park

This amusement park + water park is the best place for some quality time out with your family and friends! Exciting rides and swimming pools what else can one ask for?

Source: aladinpark.com


3. Sindbad

If you’re the kind who enjoys roller-coasters, then Sindbad is the place for you. And it doesn’t end here! There are nerve-racking 4D movies to watch, hi-tech electronic games to play, joy rides and water slides to enjoy too!

Source: Blush.com.pk


4. Arena

Equipped with a bowling alley, a virtual bowling alley, miniature golf, pool tables, arcade games, kiddy rides, an ice-skating rink, virtual reality simulator, paint ball, rock climbing and lots more, these guys have a little something for every palate. We guarantee this place is boredom-free.

Source: Junoon.co

5. Dreamworld Resort

Dreamworld Resort is the perfect weekend getaway! It redefines comfort and leisure coupled with fun and games! The water slides here were the first of heir kind in the city!

Source: Junoon.co


6. Safari park

Yes, there are mountains in Karachi. Don’t believe me, go to the city’s famous Safari park and witness mountains, chair lifts and buses for going top to bottom in all its glory – yourself! With a variety of attractions, this isn’t your ordinary safari park. Packed with a kids play land, adventure park, a zoo, gardens and amusement areas, this place can be one day of great adventure and excitement. The most exciting attraction in this park is the zoo where many animals are from sub-Saharan Africa are present, including elephants, zebras, lions, giraffes, antelopes and rhinos too!

Source: virtualtourist.com


7. KidzDunya

KidzDunya aims to empower, inspire and educate children through real-life role-playing activities. The outcome of this unique state of play is a better-informed, consistently inspired and ambitious youth of tomorrow. And its so much fun!

Source: Tribune


8. Marina Club

Want to escape the maddening city crowd? Go to Marina club and take a yatch, a little boat or small cruiser in to the sea for a little quiet time. You can go fishing, plan a on-the-sea picnic or just lie down on the deck, under the sun and read a book. The wind blowing through your hair and splashes of water on your skin will be all the relaxation you would need for the year.

Source: flickriver.com


9. Go Aish

This park is adjacent to the Safari park and consists of ropes course, paint-balling, quad-biking, indoor wall-climbing and mini-golfing sections. If you are looking for some adventure, this is the place for you.

Source: ONLINE
Source: ONLINE

10. Eat-A-Boo

Eat-a-Boo is a restaurant-cum-recreational outlet for kids between the ages of two to eight. With comfortable, hygienic and colourful ambiance, children get a chance to feed their tummies with delicious meals of their choice, play games, dance to music and watch 3D movies. It also provides a separate area to celebrate and organise fun-filled birthday parties. So if you’re looking for some downtime with your little one, this is the place for you.

Source: theurbanmum.com

11. Kemari Crabbing

You can go to Keamari Port where you can do crab fishing  or fishing. You can go to oyster rocks or near a good point where you can get some fish. You can also enjoy a delicious meal at boat while enjoying the fresh breeze.

Source: mozumbus.blogspot.com


Karachi summers are Fun. They are hot and mucky in the morning and breezy and pleasant in the evening – but there’s nothing like a good summer. And Karachi can give you a great summer! So if you’re going to Karachi this summer, make sure you have these places listed down in your Places To See list! If you weren’t planning to go to Karachi – go anyway! And if you are a Karachiite make sure you visit these places this summer. You will not regret it!

Happy summers, y’all!