10 Renditions Of Bollywood Songs That Will Make You ROFL
Published: Sep 16, 2016

There are some songs that are so deeply embedded in our memories that we sing along to them even after 20 years.

We are sure that you may have heard of various song parodies but these renditions of Bollywood songs are so hilarious they will crack you up!

1. Because ‘apna banana’ takes more than taking ‘qasams’

2. And Urdu plus ‘khushbu’ are a rare combination 332

3. Because ‘sust’ people are the ‘mast’ people ssw

 4. Because the ‘gham’ leads to the ‘aag’


5. But the heart wants what it wants 8

6. The eyes also want to see what they want 42

7. And when they finally do!


 8. But this is what may happen in reality


9. A wrist that too, white? in this heat? impossible! saw

10.Because khuwar’s are the real piaar’ssaw6

All the pictures are taken from here.