10 Simple Yet Gorgeous Hairdos To Try Out!
Published: Sep 16, 2015

Girls are always looking for something interesting to do with their hair. Whether it’s long, short or medium, they love to style their hair. We bring to you some really fun and fancy hairdo tutorials that you can try out the next time you want people to be wowed by you! Remember, it takes skill just to make these.

1. The cascading braid

2. The intricate ladder braid inspired hairdo

3. Stacked Side-swept Braid

4. Big Loop and Twisted Rope Braid Hairdo

5. Waves inspired hairdo

6. Bridal style hairdo

7. The Perfect Braided Updo

8. Pretty Flower Bun

9. Rose braided hairdo

10. A classic waterfall braid

Have you tried any of these? Which ones did you succeed at?