10 Suprising Ways Watching Television Affects You
Published: Jan 21, 2016

We all love watching television, everyone does it it’s not something new, you may say you don’t watch a lot of telelvision but you’re just watching shows on your laptop which in a way is like a portable television… Yes it is… stop lying to yourself.

Here are 10 ways watching television affects you

1. It brain washes you

Studies show watching tv makes you more accepting of authority and makes you more passive.


2. Watching Television as a child makes you a bad person

A study in New Zealand has found that children who watch television grew up to be fat, bullied, bad at math, inactive and prone to misbehavior in the classroom.


3. Watching Tv doesn’t make you feel lonely

Watching television makes us forget about things happeneing aroun us, even if that thing is us being alone. A study showed watching tv gave people a feeling of acceptance.


4. You eat more

Many people have a bad habit of eating while watching tv, turns out that television is what makes you hungry, remember master chef? Seen that new lays ad? How about that new Pizza with Doritos on the crust? Hungry yet?


5. You tend to gain weight

This is pretty plain and simple, if you’re watching TV all day chances are you aren’t burning much calories at all.


6. You dream differently

Watching a lot of television will make you dream in black and white, been dreaming in black and white? Stop watching so much television!


7. You get a lower attention span

A study shows that children who saw television for two hours a day developed attention problems.


8. You become violent

Television shows a lot of violence, it’s just part of television people don’t question it. Children who watch a lot of violence tend to become violent adults and also engage in crimes.


9. You feel okay with not socialising

Having a show to binge watch and knowing television doesn’t make you feel lonely really makes a person not want to socialise and feel okay with not socialising.


10. Your self esteem gets lowered

Children who saw television without any adult supervision or interaction ended up with lower self esteem.


Maybe it’s time we talk to each other or do something else other than watch so much TV.