10 Things Pakistanis Have Started Doing Because Of Loadshedding
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Published: Jun 6, 2015

Load shedding is a term that most of people around the world are not familiar with. In Pakistan though, you could ask any person walking down the street and they would be able to give a detailed account of what it means – some may even offer to SHOW you. Don’t accept the offer…

The definition of load shedding is action to reduce the load on something, especially the interruption of an electricity supply to avoid excessive load on the generating plant.

If you are in Pakistan, here are some things you have started doing, without really thinking about doing them:

1) Your life is in sync with the load-shedding schedule. It’s basically like a weird time check notification.

bijli wali clock

2) You automatically buy emergency lights, rechargeable fans, candles, torches and extra batteries with your groceries. Just in case.

emergency stuff

3) Charging your cell phone, tablet and laptop all together. All the time. So you can work for longer hours.


4) If you have to go out at seven and the light goes out at six, then you iron your clothes at 5:30. Because you can never be too careful.


5) You have to turn on the generator five minutes before the electricity goes.


6) When it’s time, you yell out to everyone to switch off all the faltu lights and fans because UPS chal raha hai.

lights off

7) Since the entire family is in one room to conserve energy, it’s totally legit to turn it in to family hang-out time!

Source: Dawn
Source: Dawn

8) It’s not in the spirit of experiencing load-shedding to NOT cuss at K-electric, WAPDA or the government!

bijli k rate

9) You have started scheduling your outings in a way that when you leave, the light’s gone and when you get back, it’s back!

travel when no light

 10) And, if you are an avid downloader, you would yell out as soon as the lights are back on! “PC on karkay jaldi torrent play kardo!”