10 Things That Happen If You Aren’t A Star Wars Fan
Published: Dec 27, 2015

While almost every single person on this planet is in love with the series and can not wait to watch the new part, there are fully functioning people who have not seen Star Wars or have seen it and do not like it. To them, this fandom makes them want to shoot themselves. With the new movie coming, telling somebody you haven’t seen it seems like a mistake. Here’s what happens.

1.You get tired of hearing everyone react as if you have committed a sin if you tell them you haven’t seen star wars (when you couldn’t care less).

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2.You get long lectures from your friends telling you why the new movie is the best thing to happen in 2015 and that you NEED to watch it.

Yes, I’m so interested. Keep going.

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3.You keep seeing random posts with weird names but cannot comprehend what the hype is about.

Yoda…chewbacca…jar jar binks……..what?

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4.Your friends keep forcing you to watch the movies with them as a favor upon you when all you want is to watch a movie which doesn’t have a giant ugly armed teddy bear roaming around.

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5.You get so tired of Star Wars fans acting like if they get you to watch the movies, they would have in some way ‘saved’ you.

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6.Truth be told, you find the entire fandom weird with their stupid and lame references.

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7. People automatically assume that you don’t have have a good taste in movies if you haven’t seen the ”greatest” movie of all time.

So have you seen Pulp Fiction or God Father, you science nerd?

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8. You soon start questioning yourself wondering if you are actually missing out on something incredible

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9. And then try to watch the movie but after the first 10 minutes you either love it and can’t stop watching it,

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10. Or want to kill yourself.

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