10 Things You Should NEVER Say In Front Of Pakistani Parents!
Published: Jun 13, 2015

Pakistani parents are very different from… well other parents across the world. They are over-protective and over-dramatic. Anything and everything you say can be taken against you, and can be held against you in the court of parents.

Here are 10 things you should NEVER tell Pakistani parents:

1. Never use the four lettered F-word or the three lettered S-word or anything related to those words for that matter

I think you know these words!


2. “OH SHIT!” – never ever say that!

They hate your shit!


3. Never tell your parents you have a girlfriend/boyfriend

AH! This will ruin your freedom forever!


4. Never tell your parents that your friends are dating someone

They will judge your friends and your friends’ bae, and their influence on you!


5. If one of your friends decides to get married or have children, your parents don’t have to know

Because if your friends are getting married or having children that reason enough for you to do the same too. Immediately. Like Now.


6. Never talk about homosexuality in front of your parents



7. Never tell them your friend is a position holder

I am sure you already know what they will say when you tell them this,


8. “Abhi Nahi” (Not now)

Say that and you will have to listen to an emotional speech of what your parents have done for you all these years!


9. “I don’t want to get married”

Get ready for the emotional blackmail!


10. “Let’s take a selfie!”

They hate selfies! They hate your phones and they hate everything you put up on social media.


We can’t say everything in front of them but they are the best things we could ever have asked for in life! Talk to your parents today, love them today, thank them today – time is always running out.