10 Touching Tributes To The APS Victims
Published: Dec 16, 2015

December 16th will now forever be remembered as a dark day in Pakistan, when 144 innocent children were murdered in cold blood. It’s been one whole year since that dark day and the thought of what had happened still brings tears to our eyes.

To pay tribute to those victims many people made videos on social media. Here are some of the most touching tributes to the APS victims.

1. A beautiful poem

2. A heartful reminder

3. Overload’s memoriam of that day

 4. Our vines dedication to the family of the departed

5. A reminder for our youth who might be out celebrating a holiday today

6. American students reciting Rab Pe Aati Hay Dua for the Peshawar victims

 7. India’s tribute

8. Pakistani rappers Young Stunners with their tribute

9. What should be done

10. Tum Zinda Ho