10 Unique Game Of Thrones Videos That Are Bound To Cheer You Up!
Published: Jun 16, 2015

Everyone’s favourite show, the Game of Thrones, has come to a very… heartbreaking season closing with the ‘death’ of our beloved Jon Snow. :(

To cheer you up we compiled some of the funniest Game of Thrones videos to surface the internet, just to remind of why you love this show:

1. The funniest yet most annoying GoT theme song

2. If Game of Thrones were a British comedy

3. GoT with rocking 80’s music!

4. The Oberyn ending we all deserve…

5. Punjabi Game of Thrones – what!?

6. The Pakistani version – LOL

7. Thug life!

8. Tyrion ka istyle

9. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

10. Hum aapke hai kaun?

Now wait ten months for the next episode, guys… :/