11 Hilarious Bakra Eid Tweets To Make Your Day Better
Published: Sep 15, 2016

It is the third day of Eid-ul-adha and some people are really sad because they are sitting in their offices or because they ate their beloved Bakra and their will be no one to look forward to when they get back home. There is all kind of sadness in this sad life but here is a little something that might cheer you up!

These 11 hilarious Bakra Eid tweets and posts are going to make your day:

1. This guy had better plans with the Qurbani Khaal’s


2. While this one is facing mixed emotions- sentimental after eating the beloved Bakra for biryani


3. This one just witnessed something extra ordinary



4. And she just left a little child heart broken

5. But this one is even more heart broken because their is no sehra wala in her life yet but her bakra has them


6. This one drew a rather awkward situation with his tweet


7. And this thought came to everyone’s mind on Bakra Eid


8. This one has got her priorities right

9. Yes we’ve had enough but it shall stay in your nostrils for the next two days

10. And this one is sad for being at work on the third day but guess what you are not alone bro!

11. But this post is by far the best – tears of joy