11 Things Moms Told Us To Do But We Didn’t
Published: May 8, 2016

Our moms always wanted the best for us, even when we didn’t want it for ourselves. We avoided responsibility and pretended we didn’t hear her when she asked us to do something. We always brought the worst out in our mom when she tried to bring the best out of us. In retrospect, what she wanted us to do was actually good for us but we just never did it.

1. Clean your room

We never cleaned our room it was the bane of our existence. We got better at hiding the dirty clothes and the mess but never cleaning. Now that you have grown up you realised that cleaning your room helps you become more organized and keep track of where your things are.



2. Eat your vegetables

I personally used to feed my vegetables to my dog or drop them on the floor so I wouldn’t have to eat them. But maybe if I did have my vegetables, I wouldn’t have fallen sick so often and been a healthier child.



3. Stop chatting late at night

But you still stayed up late texting your friends making lame jokes and talking about stupid things. You really regret it the next day because you’re sleepy and tired at school and can’t concentrate.



4. Don’t drive fast

This is something every mother has said to her child, they just care about you and don’t want you to drive fast. It is better to be safe than sorry.



5. Study for your test

You were told to study. If you had, you could have done well. Maybe even gotten an A+ but instead you wasted your time doing everything else BUT study. Education is important.



6. Spend time with your relatives

We never did anyway. If we did, we made a face and made our relatives feel unwanted. It isn’t till you grow up that you realise that those relatives you didn’t want to spend time with are still there for you after all your friends have ditched you and moved on.


7. Share that with your siblings

Sharing is caring but you didn’t care for your siblings when you were younger. You wanted all the toys and sweets for yourself. But you forgot that sometimes your siblings would be told to share with you and they’d remember you didn’t share with them. You should have shared with them.



8. Stop watching TV

Yup, we could spend endless hours watching TV without moving, but little did we know that watching TV for a long time is really harmful for our health. Eye strain, weight gain and sleeplessness are a few things that occur when you watch too much television. Mothers really know best.



9. Do the dishes

Do them now! But you would wait for all the dishes to pile up till cleaning the dishes would be an even grosser job than it already is. If you would have cleaned the dishes faster, you would have found it easier to clean.



10. Take care of yourself

Be it your health or general well being, she cared more about you than she cared about herself. You wouldn’t listen initially but now that you’ve grown up, you realise how important it is to actually take care of yourself.



11. Message me when you reach

The minute you were out of the car or you left the house you forgot about that message. You only realised that you had to once your mother calls you to ask if you’ve reached or not.



Go thank your mom and tell her you love her.

Happy Mothers Day