11 Things That Prove Chucky, The Doll, Is An Inspiration!
Published: Jun 6, 2015

Chucky has been hated for so long! Many kids abandoned their beloved dolls after watching Child’s Play.¬†Enough is enough, I say! He can’t be all that bad!

Here are 11 things Chucky does that prove he is quite the gentleman:

1) Smile. And Always be polite.

200 (13)

2) Question people. And always act innocent of the answer. It will help them THINK better.

200 (22)

3) Be the PERFECTIONIST he is!

200 (21)

4) Practice determination!

200 (7)

5) Laugh. Loud. It’s great for your health!

200 (19)

6) Be precise and never get your eyes off the goal.

200 (12)

7) Look the other person straight in the eyes. You are a beautiful and confident person.

200 (9)

8) Practice patience and be grateful for whatever you get to eat or drink.

200 (15)

9) Clean up after yourself!

200 (10)

10) Keep an eye on everything, but don’t get involved. As yet.

200 (14)

11) Play fair.

200 (20)

Now, with such values, do you really think Chucky is all that bad? Inspired yet?

Silly, you with all your baseless fears!

Have sweet dreams, darling!

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