11 Types Of Pakistanis During Load-shedding!
Published: Jul 9, 2015

Load-shedding (power shutdown) makes the most essential part of a Pakistani’s life. There is no one, I mean it, NO ONE in Pakistan who doesn’t know or hasn’t experienced load-shedding in their life.

Different people react differently to load-shedding. Here are 11 types of Pakistanis that we see during load-shedding:

1. The disillusioned one who keeps saying:


2. And the calm one (mostly our moms and dads) who keeps saying:


3. The one who hates KE/WAPDA

90% Pakistanis fall under this category!


4. The one who goes to sleep anyway!

“Light nahi hai? Han to ajaegi. Mei so raha hun.”


5. The one who keeps updating Facebook: “Power shutdown since iftaar”

We hate these people!


6. The one who goes out and comes back only when the electricity is restored.

Their moms be like: “NAADAN PARINDE GHAR AJAAAA!


7. The group that plays board games (or other games) to kill time.


8. The one who has to work even during the power shutdown.

Source: AFP
Source: AFP

9. The one who’s ONLY worry in life revolves around the UPS and generator!


10. The procrastinator who remembers to do the most important work of the day during load-shedding!


11. The haters who keep saying: “Is mulk mei to rehna hi nahi chahiye.”

From light to water to traffic – They hate everything about the country!


And the ONE day there is no load-shedding, all of Pakistan be like:


Where load-shedding is a serious issue, there is always a brighter side to it. We have come to see the other side of the people we live with. When the lights go out, and we are frustrated and angry and hopeless, the person that comes out from within us teaches us so much – if nothing else, let’s learn to cherish that?