12 Celebrity Photos So Badly Timed It’s Shocking(ly Hilarious!)
Published: Jun 26, 2015

1. BadASS detected

2. Chup chup ke khujli karne waalon, janta maaf nahin karegi.

3. It’s cool that Big B and Jaya Bachchan are kissing. But who’s that guy in the middle?

4. Kamal Khan doing what he does best.

5. Bradley Cooper checking out silver linings of Jennifer’s playbook.

6. Teri aankhon ki namkeen mastiyaan.

7. Such face, much constipation.

8. Looks like he is set to give the ‘Royal Touch’.

9. Ellen checking Katy Perry out.

10. Ajay Devgan making the most of the opportunity.

11.  That’s probably some yoga asana Amar Singh is exhibiting.

12. Honorary mention – Rahul Gandhi showing how it is done!

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