12 Of the Most Common Reasons Behind A Divorce!
Published: Oct 30, 2015

Even the best of marriages fail. While some marriages actually last forever, almost 50% of marriages result in divorce and here’s a list of the most common reasons of divorce:

1. Marrying for the wrong reasons

You are more likely to get a divorce if you tie the knot for the wrong reasons.

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2. A lot of one-sided compromises

Marriage calls for compromises but these compromises only work out if efforts are made from both sides.

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3. Unrealistic expectations from your partner

Your partner is not a fictional character out of a romance novel. Keeping unrealistic expectations will not give you your happily ever after.


4. Lack of compatibility

You need to establish a compatible relationship with your partner in order to have a successful marriage; this means emotional, physical and mental compatibility. Inability to do so might result in divorce.


5. Difference in interests, goals and priorities

Everyone has different interests and priorities but you need to work out a common ground as a married couple.


6. Lack of communication

Most couples communicate less after they get married and that’s where the downfall of your marriage starts.


7. Gradual disappearance of love and intimacy

As time passes, most couples feel less attracted towards each other. The feeling of love and intimacy disappears with time. An effort has to be made on both sides to ensure that a spark exists.


8. Too many arguments

If all you do is fight all the time, it is better to part ways. And a mature, mutual and amicable divorce is much better than a miserable marriage.


9. Infidelity

There is no room for cheating in marriage. The day that happens, whether it is emotional cheating or physical, you rip your marriage apart yourself.


10. Abuse and violence

Mental, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and all kinds of violence is out of the question. You have no right to impose yourself on ANY human being let alone those you hold dearest to yourself.


11. Financial conflicts

Money can ruin any relationship. Make wise financial decisions.


12. Too much interference from family and friends

Be it the guy’s family or the girl’s, sometimes interference from the family, and/or friends, in personal matters can result in major conflicts. Your marriage is personal between you and your spouse – stop being a child and involving the world in your personal business.


A marriage is a bond that needs constant nurturing – but in the event that it just isn’t working out, don’t be miserable and make your partner with you. Part on an amicable note.