12 Of The Most Crazy Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings
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Published: Jul 4, 2015

While most women like to show off how big and shiny their engagement rings are to friends and family, their rings have barely any bling compared to what these celebrities have. The average price for an engagement ring in the United States is around $2,300. Celebrities have gone well above the $2,300 price mark over the years. The lowest priced ring on our list is more than 100 times that.

12. Reese Witherspoon ($250,000)

The man that gave Witherspoon this impressive ring was Jim Toth, an agent for actors and actresses in Hollywood.


11. Kate Middleton ($500,000)

The ring was estimated at half a million dollars, made of blue sapphire with white gold surrounding the gem. The ring became even more valuable in terms of sentiment, since it once belonged to the ever popular Princess Diana.


10. Jennifer Garner ($500,000)

The ring was designed by Harry Winston and is a 4.5 carat cushion cut that is worth more than half a million dollars. Unfortunately, Bennifer are on their way to a divorce now…


9. Khloe Kardashian ($850,000)

Lamar Odom dropped $850,000 on the ring that adorned a 12.5 carat diamond, but it didn’t symbolise a relationship that would last forever. Instead, the two only lasted as husband and wife from 2009 to 2013.


8. Hilary Duff ($1 million)

Mike Comrie proposed to Duff with a $1 million 14 carat ring. The two were married when Duff was 23; Comrie was 30.


7. Catherine Zeta Jones ($2 million)

Michael Douglas, a leading actor in the 1970s and 1980s, proposed to Zeta Jones in December of 1999 in Aspen, Colorado. He presented her with a $2 million 10 carat marquise diamond ring.


6. Kim Kardashian ($2 million)

Kris Humphries proposed to Kardashian as part of her reality television show, filled with cheesy cliches of rose petals and candles. The ring was a Lorraine Schwartz 20.5 carat diamond with a 16.5 carat emerald in the middle.


5. Mariah Carey ($2.5 million)

Nick Cannon proposed to Carey on top of an apartment complex in New York City. Not surprisingly, Carey (well known for being a diva) said the proposal wasn’t good enough. So shortly after that time, Cannon had Carey kidnapped and thrown into a helicopter, where he proposed to her again. Carey said yes. It would be hard not to with a $2.5 million 17 carat pink diamond ring blinging back at you.


4. Elizabeth Taylor ($2.5 million)

When Richard Burton proposed for the second time, he simply got on one knee while they were alone and offered her a 33.19 carat diamond ring.


3. Jennifer Lopez ($2.5 million)

The ring that Ben gave J-Lo was a 6.1 carat Harry Winston pink diamond creation. Ben probably should have saved it for the other Jen.


2. Jacqueline Kennedy ($2.6 Million)

The ring is a 40.42 carat marquise Harry Winston diamond ring and was given by Onassis to Kennedy in his home country of Greece. The two were married in 1968, but Onassis passed away in 1975, just seven years into their marriage.


1. Beyonce ($5 million)

If you want to know why the ring is so expensive, it is because it was an over-the-top design by Lorraine Schwartz. The diamond is completely flawless (18 carat emerald cut) and was set in platinum. Jay-Z and Beyonce were married in 2008 and have one child together (Blue Ivy).



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