12 Ways To Exercise Your Mind And Become Smarter!
Published: Aug 25, 2015

Want to be a genuinely smart person? Not someone who thinks they are smart, but someone who really is? Well, here are 12 super smart habits that everyone should adopt to get those creative juices in our minds working so we don’t think inside the box any more!

1. Start reading the news – no really – start. Now.


Reading a news paper daily will not only make you aware of current events, it’s also a great way to learn about the various opinions out there and discover which side of the spectrum you lie yourself!

2. Lift weights


A healthy body = a healthy mind. Physical exercise increases the blood flow to your brain and keeps you active and in good condition.

3. Watch Ted talks. Religiously.


Too lazy to lift weights or read? Watch a Ted talk! It’s more informative than any sitcom or drama you watch and it’s a great way to learn new things. Each and every one of them is phenomenal!

4. Meditate

Business people meditating

Meditation may sound lame, but forcing your brain to concentrate and focus will help increase your ability to focus in life. With practice you will see the benefits.

5. Your purpose is to create! Come up with ideas


Thinking of new things or ways to solve problems no matter how random. Come up with new words, new stories, new opinions, new ideas, new inventions! START CREATING!

6. Read fiction


Reading books is a good habit but reading fictitious books is even better. Fictitious books are key to a healthy imagination. Not only will this help your vocabulary, it is the best way to unleash your own creative juices!

7. Do research before posting anything on Facebook


Doing research on whatever topic you’re sharing on your page will make you more knowledgeable about that subject. You will even look smarter when someone questions you on that topic and you will finally realise the responsibility that comes along with using social media.

8. Play Chess or Sudoku


Chess is known to improve your memory and analytical skills. Sudoko on the other hand is the perfect exercise your brain may require. These aren’t games, guys. They are skills.

9. Smart apps


Download apps on your phone that increase your knowledge! Now THAT is making good use of your smart phone!

10. Follow smart people

Source: .facebook/stephenhawking

Using your own social media pages like Facebook and Twitter to follow informative pages like I F***ing love science or even people who are smarter than you such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson  or Stephen Hawking is a good way to make those wheels in your brain turn.

11. Do an online course


Doing an online course won’t only make you smarter but its also great for your CV. Check out these absolutely FREE online courses!

12. Learn something new


It could be knitting, a new language or even something like karate! Learning a new skill forces your mind to think differently.

Are you ready to be smarter now?