13 Crazy Facts You’d Never Have Guessed About India!
Published: May 30, 2015

How much do we really know about our neighbours? No, I am not talking about India. I am talking about the people who live right next to our houses. My guess would be, not a lot. Many people don’t even know as much as their neighbour’s name or occupation. But when it comes to our neighbouring country, India, we like knowing everything!

But here are some things that we are sure you’d never have guessed about India:

1. India’s roads can loop around the world 117 times!

India’s road networks = 4.7 million kilometers, the second largest in the world.

Source: 123rf.com



2. New Delhi’s air is the most polluted in the world

The air in New Delhi is actually dangerous for your lungs !

Source: mpg.de


3. It is the wettest place on earth

India on average has about 40 feet of rain a year!

India Monsoon

4. Had the most deaths on road in 2012

In 2012, a person died every three minutes on average, due to road mishaps.

Source: irte.com


5. Youngest country by 2020

By 2020, India’s median age will be 29.

Source: ypowers.wordpress.com


6. India likes to drink

India loves its whiskey and in 2012, Indians consumed around 1.2 billion litres of it. India has the largest whiskey market by volume.

Source: whiskyrepublicofindia.com


7. India exports A LOT of hair…

Every year, from temples across the country, approximately $415million worth of hair is donated.

Source: imgarcade.com


8. India’s richest people are SUPER rich

India’s 25 richest people have a collective net worth the same as Ukraine’s GDP. A freaking country’s GDP!

Source: unp.me


9. India’s land is turning into a desert

Overuse and land degredation has caused India’s land to face “desertification”. How much land of the land? Well, to give you a rough idea, it’s about the equivalent of three United Kingdoms. Yup. Three.

Source: facenfacts.com


10. By 2020, India’s spending will have tripled!

Source: thehindubusinessline.com


11. India has the largest dairy cow population.

Source: modernfarmer.com


12. In 2013, India was the fourth most dangerous place for journalists

In 2013, India saw the death of 13 reporters. Other countries with reporter’s deaths were dealing with armed conflict such as Syria, Iraq followed by the Philippines.

Source: livemint.com


13. India has one of the most expensive homes in the world!

Indian billionare, Mukesh Ambani’s house cost $1billion. That is equivalent to Somalia’s GDP!

Source: indiatvnews.com


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