13 Pictures You Haven’t Seen That Capture Fascinating Moments Of History
Published: Jun 17, 2015

We always come up with pictures of intriguing moments from the past to entertain you and keep you connected with history.

These racked up historical photos captured the precious moments of happiness and wars, great people and villains, and many significant moments that you will love to see.

1. Roger Vadim preparing Jane Fonda’s costume during the making of the film, Barbarella in 1967.

I must say, this is quite modern for ancient times.

2. Marc Riboud clicked this photo of a painter while he was painting the Eiffel tower in 1953.

The 300-meter high Eiffel tower is the symbol of love. It feels great to see this beautiful picture of it from the old days.

3. Beautiful portrait of Charlie Chaplin by W. Eugene Smith in 1952.

The picture was captured on the sets of the movie Limelight.

4. The burning of records of The Beatles in Waycross Georgia in 1966.

A sad moment from the civil rights war in America.

5. Peasants in Bulgaria using an elephant to plow land in 1900.

Land cultivation using an elephant was common during those days.

6. Nelson Mandela won the first ever multiracial South African election in 1994.

Supporters of the great leader climbed the election billboard awaiting the arrival of Mandela in a Natal township.

7. American actress, Phyllis Gordon shopping in London with her pet cheetah.

I wonder if Phyllis’ fans were scared of asking her for autograph with a cheetah on the prowl right next to her!

8. Young Rudolf Brazda who was the last surviving person sent to a Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald because of his homosexuality.

Surprisingly, homosexuality saved his life!

9. Hugh Hefner in his mansion, Chicago in 1966.

He was an American adult magazine publisher, businessman, and a well-known playboy.

10. Werner Bischof photographed Frida Kahlo at work in 1954.

Frieda Kahlo was one of the best Mexican self portrait artist.

11. John Cleese and Graham Chapman on the sets of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

They were among the best comedians of the 20th century.

12. Photo of unknown gentleman with magnificent beard.

This is so unusual. Human beings have indeed been weird since centuries!

13. Photo of Alfred Hitchcock and his three grand daughters, Mary, Tere, and Katie.

This looks like the happiest moment of his life!

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