13 Reasons Desi Food Is Better In Karachi Than In Lahore
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Published: May 26, 2015

They say Punjab and especially Lahore is a foodie’s idea of heaven.

I beg to disagree, sire!

Food in Karachi is just so finger lickin’ good that you don’t have to go to Lahore or any where else to satisfy your cravings!


Here are 13 desi food places in Karachi that you just can’t miss!

1. Meerut Kabab House

If you are a Karachiite and have never eaten Meerut’s Kebab Paratha then, I am sorry to say, you are not a true Karachiite. It is located at Gurumandir, and if you are driving through the area with your windows rolled down, the aroma in itself will persuade you to STOP and have a taste.

Source: Facebook/Meerutfamouskababparatha
Source: Facebook/Meerutfamouskababparatha


2. Kolachi

This place, located at Doh Darya, is not only famous for its location but the variety of food it offers is just mind blowing. It is difficult to decide what to order because there are so many options to choose from – chicken handi, fried fish, Sajji, Hunza kabab and Peshawari karahi are my favourite. But beware – the place is ALWAYS packed, so be prepared to wait in line – or reserve a table before you go.



3. Nihari Inn

Go to Nihari Inn at Boat Basin but not for their Nihari. Their makhni handi (butter curry) is something that you will never ever forget! Oh my, the mere thought of it is making my mouth water!

Source: GooglePlus


4. Zahid Nihari

Yes, this is the Nihari place that will never let you down! Ever! Zahid Nihari is located at main Tariq Road and its specialty is, wait for it, Nihari!

Source: Iman Mufti


5. Zameer Ansari 

A BBQ place that started as a small roadside eatery in Delhi Mercantile Society now has a branch at Ocean Mall and this is all because of the mouthwatering BBQ they make. The malai chicken, dhaga kabab, fried kabab and reshmi kabab are to die for!

Source: GooglePlus


6. Waheed Kabab House 

Waheed Kabab House is situated off Burns Road. Butter sautéed fry kebabs. Enough said!

Source: Iman Mufti


7. Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House 

Located in a side lane off Tariq Road and port grand, this is the place you go to with your boys. Best part: it isn’t heavy on anyone’s pocket!



8. BBQ Tonight 

The biggest BBQ restaurant in Karachi is located at Bilawal Chowrangi! They have everything you would ever need to satiate that bbq craving! You name it and they will bring it to you! Five floors of seating and you still have to wait for your turn on weekends!

 – Photo courtesy: BBQ Tonight


9. Dera

Dera is located at Boat Basin. Nashta at Dera is the best thing to do on Sunday mornings! The chicken cheese paratha, is just out of this world! And obviously the halwa puri.



10. Noorani Kabab House

Go to Noorani Kabab House now and order their kata-kat. Thank me later! Noorani Kabab House has more than one branch sprawled all over the city, so it is very convenient.



11. Bundo Khan

Bundo Khan has more than one branch in Karachi. They are famous for their BBQ, chicken handi and kababs and pretty much everything on their menu! I like Bundo Khan’s outlet and service in Lahore better than Karachi though. #JustSaying

Source: Youtube

12. Salateen

A dhaba adjacent to Sea View where you can go with your mummy and daddy, and khala and phupho! The original Salateen is based in Peshawar, and while NOTHING can beat that, this is a close second. Order their seekh kababs, karahi, and freshly baked nan – yum!



13. Karachi Broast

This is the best place in Karachi for broast. Their ‘white sauce’ (garlic sauce) is to die for and adds the extra oomph in the broast. Many people just go there to have the white sauce with a plain bun. Yup. It’s That good. If curiosity is killing you right now, the original Karachi Broast is located on Boat Basin.


Is your mouth watering already? Yup. Can you imagine what I went through when I was making this post? I could water a plant! If you think I’ve missed out on any of your personal favourites, be sure to let me know in our comments section!