13 Tricks To Losing Weight The Lazy Way!
Published: Oct 22, 2015

Want to lose weight but don’t have the money or time for a gym membership? No problem. You can lose weight by changing your life style just a tad bit and following any one of these habits religiously:

1. Drink LOTS of water

Drinking up to 3 – 4 liters of water will keep you feeling full and will in turn lower the amount of food you eat.


2. Take the stairs

If you work in a place where they have lifts, opt for the stairs. It’s not a workout but will promote weight loss.


3. Eat more fruit

We end up having a lot of unhealthy, empty calories such as chips and biscuits. Have fruits instead, they’re less in calories and packed full of nutrients and fiber


4. Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals won’t make you lose weight, instead your body will start storing food because you aren’t eating enough of it – which means you’re storing fat!!!


5. Get a whole 8 hours of sleep

Lack of sleep impacts your hunger making you more hungry and prone to eating more food and junk. So SLEEP!


6. Drink green tea

Green tea raises your metabolism which helps you digest food more faster. But it also dehydrates you, so make sure you are drinking lots of water on the side too!


7. Cut down on sugar

Find alternatives to sugar such as fruit.


8. Eat in a smaller plates

Eating in smaller plates will make you eat smaller portions and makes you feel like you’re eating more


9. Stretches

Doing simple stretches throughout the day will make your muscles firmer and more active.


10. Cut out fizzy drinks

Carbonated drinks, yes, even diet drinks, are extremely unhealthy and fattening. Even when you split a drink – you are drinking PURE SUGAR!


11. Eat oatmeal for breakfast

Oatmeal is one of the most healthiest foods you can eat, and the best part is, it will keep you full throughout the day! Be sure to have a bowl every morning – unsweetened.


12. Make active friends

Active friends will keep you active. Be part of a cricket team, a football team or on a swim team! Doing something active with a group of friends will make ‘working out’ less of a work out and more of a party!


13. Chew slowly

Chewing your food slowly will make your body fill up faster. We don’t realise how full we are till 20 minutes after finishing our meal. So chew slowly, eat with patience and don’t rush about how much you want to eat.


So go lose weight the lazy way!