15 Funny, Random, And Straight Up Weird Mailboxes
Source:  Instagram (@eternal.athena.tarot)
Published: Aug 11, 2015

If your mailbox sits on the street, then it is the first thing that people see when they come to your house. You could just go with the plain old mailbox, or you could show off your personality with something custom. Make that first impression a lasting one with one of these funny mailboxes!

1. The trouty mouth mailbox.

2. Who is she? What’s her name?

Everybody needs one of these, right? #mailbox #weirdmailbox #dolphin

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3. Boston Terriers are the best dogs ever.

I want it ❤

4. Apparently fish mailboxes are popular.

What kind of mail do these people receive?

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5. It’s a flying car!

6. This fish is riding a sick wave.

7. Me-OW!

8. For the car enthusiast.

9. Pop Pop!

#cool #gun #mailbox#awesome #firearms

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10. Use the force to get your mail.

Found this mailbox in a random KCMO neighborhood and it's pretty much the best thing ever

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11. Don’t let your mail fly away!

Found this while wandering around Topanga Canyon. I just love this mailbox! As spirit animals, Hummingbirds remind us to appreciate the beauty of life. Have some fun. Don't take life so seriously.

12. Pimp my mailbox, though.

Pretty sweet new #mailbox for @gavinbyday Maybe I'll get him the real thing someday. #busbox @thebusbox #vw #vwbus

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13. This is what I’m gonna do.

Cool #mailbox #pez #dog

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14. USPS is just tryna have fun.

R2D2 mailbox at the #MartinArmyHospital #r2d2 #mailbox #sweet

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15. I’ll be chicken out your mailbox!

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