15 Traits Every Guy Looks For In A Girl
Published: Aug 28, 2015

Though the first thing a man may notice about a woman is her physical appearance, it isn’t the only thing he finds attractive about her. Attractiveness is not defined by outer appearances, it doesn’t have to do with the way a girl looks or dresses, it is the entire package – her personality, her conduct, behaviour, habits, characteristics and other traits too. Below are a few things men look for in a woman.

1. A meaningful smile

The first thing any guy notices about a woman is her smile (because there is nothing more beautiful than a smile). Not the one she puts on to make him notice her, but the one she puts on when she thinks no one is looking. The one that reaches her eyes.


2. A reader

A woman who reads is a woman with depth, she’s someone who can hold her own in a conversation. She has an opinion that is not yours, she has ideas that are her own and an imagination that is immeasurable. Readers are knowledgeable and eloquent.


3. She is an independent person, but knows when she is needed.

She knows what she wants in life, and doesn’t need your help getting it. But will include you in her life just enough and will actively take part in your life too. She won’t make her life all about you or make your life about her. She won’t be trying to get in touch with you 24/7. She’s doing her own thing and you’re doing yours, and it’s OKAY!


4. She’s passionate about life and everything that goes with it

Be it cats, saving the earth or even planning an event – she does it with all her heart. A passionate woman knows what she wants and isn’t fickle about doing it. She has her own purpose in life. If you’re part of it, you’re a lucky man.


5. A fighter

Not an MMA fighter, but someone who fights for things she believes in. She isn’t a push over and doesn’t need a man to fight her battles for her, she can do it all herself. You don’t have to worry about her.


6. Someone who enjoys sports and video games

A girl who loves cricket is a golden find. And if she plays Fifa, then you’ve got yourself a keeper! Who wouldn’t love to bond over a game of Fifa?


7. A genuinely a happy person

No one wants to date someone who’s always complaining or whining. It’s okay to have problems, but that shouldn’t be the only thing a girl talks about. A girl who’s happy with what she has shows that she values what she has and who she is. It maker her down to earth and humble.


8. She’s the real deal. There is nothing fake about her.

She’s not fake and doesn’t play mind games. When you talk to her you know you’re talking to the real her, not some version of her. She’s too comfortable in her own skin to pretend to be someone else.


9. Someone who enjoys working out

A healthy girl is a happy girl, and a girl who knows that is a gem.


10. A good communicator

She isn’t going to keep things bottled up inside when she’s upset. She will talk to you when things bother her and communicate about how she feels. She won’t give you the silent treatment or wait for you to figure out what’s wrong.


11. Someone who watches action movies with you and enjoys them.

Sure, she may not always want to, but she will because she knows you would watch a chick flick with her too. And for a girl like that, any boy would watch any number of chick flicks.


12. Someone who doesn’t need your money

No one likes a person who is materialistic. A woman who isn’t impressed by money or fancy cars makes her harder to get, and that is always more attractive. She has enough of her own heard earned money, she doesn’t need yours.


13. A go getter

She knows what she wants and she gets it. Nothing will stand in her way. And if you do, you have to back it up with a truckload of solid logic.


14. Someone who gets along with your friends

A girl who get’s along with your friends, guys and girls, makes it easier for everyone. No one wants to date a girl who complains about his guy friends or about the fact that a guy has too many female friends. Don’t be stuck up, be friendly.


15. She doesn’t need five layers of makeup because she knows she is beautiful.

She is comfortable with who she is and how she looks. She doesn’t need a truckload of makeup, a tad splash and she’s ready! A girl who carries herself well is a trump card, not a makeup artist in the making.


If she has any of these qualities, bro, she’s a keeper!