16 Beautiful Walk-through Paths of the World And Bonus Pakistani Ones Too!
Published: Sep 5, 2015

This planet is a place of magical wonder. From beautiful glacial mountains to lush green landscapes to the most beautiful paths you’ve ever seen. They are all amazing sights to see, some walking paths even seem like they are out of a fairy tale.

Here is a list some of the most majestic paths around the world:

1. The White Carpathians, Czech Republic

Source: photoextract.com

One of the most picture perfect autumn colors spot of the world, surrounded by hundreds of maple trees, which reflect a brilliant orange shade during fall.

2. Hallerbo Forest, Belgium

Source: bestamazingplacesonearth.com

Hallerbo will attract you with it’s bluebell spring flower carpet, engulfed with lush green forestry.

3. Dog Mountains, Washington

Source: greglief.deviantart.com

The Dog Mountain path of Washington is adorned with stunning views and unparalleled springtime flowers – a popular trail among travelers.

4. Cotton Tree Alley, Taiwan

Source: tafrehmella.com

The scenic Cotton Tree Alley is brittle red during winters. It is a perfect walk through path way to observe nature’s beauty.

5. Bamboo Path, Kyoto

Source: expedia.com

One of the most photographed sites of the world – Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is an alluring track that has green splendor all around .

6. Spencer Smith Park, Canada

Source: flickr.com

Experience the magnificence of nature by walking through the trails of Spencer Smith Park, located on the shore of Lake Ontario.

7. Wisteria Flower Tunnel Path, Japan

Source: pixcooler.com

An incredible walk through, Wisteria Flower Tunnel Path will enrapture you with the elegance of 20 different species of flowers.

8. Rhododendron Tunnel, Ireland

Source: reddit.com

Rhododendron Tunnel is adorned with gorgeous circlets of green roots and violet flowered carpet. The tunnel is a pass way to Kenmara Bay.

9. Jacaranda Tree Alley, South California

Source: boredpanda.com

Jacarda Tree Alley looks like a walk way from a fairy tail.

10. Forest Trail, Bavaria

Source: kelliebrewsworld.com

The lush green forest trail walk through of Bavaria is a breathtaking experience!

11. Campigna National Park, Italy

Source: wall321.com

When in Italy, during winter, take a walk along the snow-white paths of Campigna National Park and witness the most breath-taking sunrise you will ever see.

12. Dark hedges, Ireland

Source: huffingtonpost.com

It’s dark with shades of sunlight coming through giant trees in an abundant forestry, it is one of the most fascinating walk through paths of the world.

13. Winter Forest Path, Czech Republic

Source: best-offer4u.com

While traveling to Czech Republic, one can not miss a chance to enjoy the snow cladded forest paths. It may be extremely cold but is an exhilarating experience.

14. Tunnel of love, Ukraine

Source: earthporm.com

A walk way which will reinvigorate the romance in your life is the Tunnel of Love at Ukraine.

15. Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan


Strolling through the seaweed paths of Hitachi Seaside Park will amaze you with its captivating scenery. The park features blooming red flowers that look little red hedgehogs!

16. Padley Gorge, Peak District, UK

Source: kelliebrewsworld.com

Padley Gorge path is nature’s marvel, crafted with unusual stone arrangement with grass carpeting and rich forestry. It is a pleasant, tranquil and charming experience.

If you’re hard-pressed with business life and making a trip to these pathways seems impossible then there is no reason to travel across the world. Visit the Margalla Hill trail of Islamabad or any other stunning tracking trails of Hunza, Naran and Kaghan for a delightful adventure. They are just as beautiful if not more. Have a look:

Margalla Hills, Islamabad, Pakistan


Naltar, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan


Rama Lake, Fairy Meadows, Pakistan


Hunza Valley, Pakistan


Take your pick, guys!