16 Types of Couples We See Around Us Everyday!
Published: Apr 15, 2015

Whether you’re married or single, being a couple defines your life and everyone’s life around you. Some couples are adorable and some, umm… not so much. If you’re single, you’ve seen at least one of these couples around you and if you’re dating, one of these is definitely you.

1. The Koochikoo couple

They love shamelessly in public! You feel most uncomfortable around these love birds!


2. The ones with a roving eye

You fail to understand why this couple is together! The guy will flirt with just about everyone as soon as his girlfriend is out of sight and the girl will lust after every guy.the flirt

3. The social media lovers

This couple is all over social media declaring their undying love for each other. #babyboo #Ilovehim #HesMyLife #CantLiveWithoutHim hashtags are common and you know everything about this couple and you didn’t ask for it. Plus, they will “like” each other’s statuses, photos, check-ins, videos, comments… you get the drill. They will retweet each other’s tweets and selfies are big with these guys.#socialmedialovers

4. The obsessed

This couple is obsessed with each other. They won’t leave each other for a second and even when they’re apart they’re stalking each other. You’ll feel a little suffocated in their presence.the obsessed

5. The drama queens

This couple is perpetually fighting and even a small argument turns into a massive fight. You pray for God to make you disappear or to make the people sitting around them temporarily deaf.Social media lovers

6. The dominatrix

Contrary to the name, there is nothing exciting about this relationship. One half of the couple is so dominating over the other that you fear one day, the docile one will get whipped and not in a good way.dominatrix

7. The one-sided relationship

In this couple, one of the partners is clearly way more invested than the other. It’s so obvious that you wonder how they’ve never noticed it. One has already named all their children and decided their hobbies while the other goes bar hopping to hit on sided relationship

8. The bros

This couple are the ultimate best friends. They give each other high-five’s, can read each other’s mind and complete each others sentence and they don’t make you feel nauseous all the time. (Good going guys!)the bros

9. The star-crossed lovers

This couple is so in love but owing to external reasons they can’t be together. It breaks your heart but you wonder if Nicholas Sparks would be interested in their crossed lovers

10. The ultimate lovers

Sigh, this couple makes you believe that your soulmate/ true-love is just around the corner. They can put Noah and Allie to shame. They fight, they love fiercely and, most of all, they act as the silver lining to your grey clouds of singledom!the ultimate lovers

11. The ones who met on social media

This couple met and dated on MSN Messenger, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I guess ‘poking’ has its advantages somewhere.meeting on social media

12. The ‘on again off again’ couple

One day they are a couple, two days later they’ve split up. Their love saga is harder to keep up with than the number of deaths in The Game of Thrones.couples who fight

13. The we are ‘just good friends’ couple

Friends with benefits, ex-lovers but still friends or open relationship, this couple has strong chemistry but refuse to commit to each other or pretend they’ve moved on.Just Friends

14. The odd couple

This couple has nothing in common, they’re both on different pages of completely different books. You wonder how much longer the rosy glasses phase will last. But hey, we all love us some dysfunctional drama.odd couple

15. The ones on mute

This is the couple you will see at dinner constantly on their phones instead of talking to each other. They prefer exchanging half-hearted grunts than talking.silent couple

16. The wannabe oldies

This couple has convinced themselves that love means having to stay at home every weekend and waking up hangover free. They ‘hangout’ at home, read the paper, talk about what to eat for dinner and indulge in family gossip. The only thing missing is a rocking chair.bored

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