18 Things That Happen In Ramazan In Pakistan
Source: Ramadan Memes
Published: Jun 19, 2015

The holy month of Ramazan is here and it is time for us to shed all those bad thoughts and habits, and put on our naik parveen and maulvi madan costumes! It’s all very transparent though… Here is a list of 18 things we do in ‘honour’ of this holy month.

1. We update our social media to reflect how excited we are about this month and can’t wait to see the moon.

2. Then starts the race against time

3. The difference in our praying habits is… obvious

4. We even have Ramazan resolutions

5. And exclusive Ramazan emoticons too!

6. And let’s not forget the Ramazan gear

7. Our TV channels follow our lead too


Source: photos.hamariweb.com
Source: photos.hamariweb.com

8. And then the Ramazan transmissions take flight

9. And you say

Source: Ramadan Memes
Source: Ramadan Memes

Because you’re against commercialism of the holy month.

10. But then we take selfies and upload them on social media anyway…

11. And even our pick-up lines become Ramazan-y

Source: Ramadan Memes
Source: Ramadan Memes


12. But stress levels are high

13. And we are constantly reminded of the things we must not do in Ramazan

Or through public service messages:

14. But we know how to make our points heard the halal way – through humour!

This one is my personal favorite

Source: Ramadan Memes
Source: Ramadan Memes

15. What can never change, however, is the honesty behind our Sehri time face

16. Or the disappointment of it not being Iftar time yet…

17. And then depression kicks in

18. But at Iftar time we become shamelessly happy! :D

Wishing you a blessed Ramazan

Source: ramadan2015.org
Source: ramadan2015.org