19 Pakistani Street Banners That Will Make You ROFL!!
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Published: Jun 5, 2015
Pakistanis have an amazing sense of humour! From walls to billboards to banners, you will find proof of our hilarity every where! Here are 19 street banners that will definitely have you ROFLing:

1. We are very straightforward!

2. If we see someone dating, we make sure the world knows about it. NO SECRETS!

3. We make sure our message gets through, every which way possible!

4. We are brutally honest

5. And we sell everything in Kilograms!

6. We need not pay any web developers!

7. This one is my personal favourite; the most brutal thing I have ever read!

8. Can we also have Fish-Machhli?

9. Do we really care?

10. You shall burn in hell!

11. I am sure they mean KILLER Naan!

12. No one can fool us!

13. LMAO!!!

13. Let’s get Nikkahofied, baby!

14. Haseen Pakistanis

15. Story of every Pakistani’s life!

16. We love to give and take free gifts.

17. Where shall I take my Janu then?

18. This solves all my problems!

19. Our love for Karachi, Chai and LOVE!

These banners are the best thing to cheer you up after a long tiring day at work!

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