19 Posts From Humans Of New York That Show The Real Pakistanis!
Published: Aug 10, 2015

As soon as Brandon Stanton announced that he is visiting Pakistan, Pakistanis all over the world were delighted that an American is going to show the real image of Pakistan to the world.

Here are 19 of our favourite Humans of New York moments from Stanton’s tour of Pakistan:

1. We learned a life lesson from this little boy!

Our favourite quote: “Just don’t be afraid. Or you’ll drown.”


2. We learnt about some tough women:

Our favourite quote: “The patriarchy is being broken down”


Our favourite quote: “I’ll handle it. I’ve been through worse”


3. We saw the love for music and dance:

Our favourite quote: “I am the happiest man in Pakistan”


Our favourite quote: “Everyone treated me as normal”


4. We came across some heartwarming love stories!

Our favourite quote: “He’s a very respectful husband. He’s different from a lot of the men in this region”


Our favourite quote: “I was falling through the air, but I didn’t feel any fear, because I knew that he would catch me”


Our favourite quote: “Why am I not good enough?”


Our favourite quote: “I ran home from the shop three times a day to help her go to the bathroom”


5. We met Pakistan’s ambitious youth

Our favourite quote: “I want to be a police officer”


Our favourite quote: “And I learned that there was an entire world around this mountain”


Our favourite quote: “You can make your own dessert”


6. We also came across those who are fighting the stereotypes of our society

Our favourite quote: “But my mom was so worried about what people would think”


Our favourite quote: “Wanting to be independent doesn’t mean I want to be alone”


7. We came across some really strong people

Our favourite quote: “If I dwelled on how lonely I am, I’d have died a long time ago”


Our favourite quote: “I have nothing left to sacrifice”


8. This man who trolled Brandon!

Our favourite quote: “Goat”


9. We saw the love in its purest form!

Our favourite quote: “Her happiness”


10. We met this man who summed up everyone’s life

Our favourite quote: “My life is on repeat, every day. There is no happiness or sadness in my life. Only survival”


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The whole nation wants to thank Brandon Stanton for showing the real people and stories of Pakistan.

Source: Facebook/Hunza on foot
Source: Facebook/Hunza on foot

Stories of love, humour, hardship and labour. Stories that pierced through everyone’s heart.

Source: Facebook/Hunza on foot
Source: Facebook/Hunza on foot

After years of demonisation and hatred, Pakistanis are receiving love from all over the world.

Source: Facebook/Hunza on foot
Source: Facebook/Hunza on foot

And no one could have done it better than Brandon Stanton!

Source: Facebook/Hunza on foot
Source: Facebook/Hunza on foot