21 Things All Pakistanis Do But Will Never Admit
Published: Jun 27, 2015

There are a few things we do, but are embarrassed to do admit doing in public. But does that mean we stop doing them?


Here’s a list of things all Pakistanis do but never admit:

1. You secretly pray a politician holds a rally in the centre of the city so you can skip school/work.

Source: Pakistantoday

2. You get on the public bus and see how many people are staring at you. But you pretend you don’t care.

Source: flickr

3. Secretly bursting into tears whilst watching your favourite soap-opera.

Source: Dailymotion

4. Hide your phone in your sleeve when a bike passes by you.

Source: Pakistantoday

5. Watching and enjoying Bollywood chick flicks! Yes, the boys too!

Source: Netflix

6. You stalk your Khala’s son on Facebook but never talk to him in public.

Source: gurl

7. You walk to the fridge, open the door and just stare at the food inside because you are bored!

Source: forum.celestialuna

8. Look outside the window and pretend that you are a part of a movie when the radio plays a sad song.

Source: pixgood

9. Take a quick sniff to check before meeting your beau.


Matty sniffing own armpit

10. Look right and then left before picking your nose.


Source: Buzzfeed

11. You attend most family functions for the sake of food.



12. Google all your sex-related queries and pretend you knew all along!


13. You sit in the rickshaw and try looking at yourself in the side view mirrors.

Source: Tribune

14. You have had a crush on one of your teachers




15. Type a long message but change it to only an “Okay” right before hitting send.

Source: ragetoons

16. You ask your dad about the most important world news and later participate in political discussions with your friends like a boss!


17. You look at yourself in the mirror while crying alone in the room.

Source: Tumblr

18. Look at a rash and think you have a fatal disease.

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19. You drop your phone on your face while playing Candy Crush at 3 a.m.

Source: tumblr

20. Talk to God and wait for a reply.

Source: Facebook


21. Half of you will never admit that you read this post!



It’s okay to admit this, guys! All of us do things we aren’t always proud of!