23 Guys You Meet At A Pakistani University!
Published: Sep 4, 2015

We’ve already done a piece on the different types of female friends you can have. Now we’re going to look at the different type of guy friends you make at university. There isn’t a single person on the planet who doesn’t have guy friends (if you don’t, I’m sorry, I’m sure you’ll make one eventually). Guy friends are always fun and don’t cause any drama what-so-ever… well most of them.

Here are the types of guys you will undoubtedly come across in a Pakistani university:

1. The shy guy

Be it in front of girls or new guys, you won’t hear a peep out of him. He can’t even order anything on the phone! He’s THAT shy.


2. The rich guy

This guy survives on daddy’s money. Oh, look he’s posting picture of himself on his yacht… douche.


3. The cricket fanatic

‘Bro… Lala is gonna do it.. just watch!’ No matter how many times Pakistan will lose he’s still going to support them!


4. The compulsive liar

He lies all the time. Be it about his degree, where he is working or freaking where he is on the road right now, he is going to lie.


5. The show off

This guy is always dressed to impress and loves showing off whatever he has. From his new pet dog to his new watch or his cousin’s new song. He will tell you about it everything he owns – whether you like it or not.

show off

6. The playboy

This guy is ALWAYS surrounded by women. No one knows why, or how he always has women with him but he does.

hugh hefner

7. The Buff guy

This guys probably eats weights for breakfast. None of his clothes fit him or maybe he just buys the really fitted ones, he really needs to take it easy on those protein shakes.


8. The bechara

Nothing is going right for this guy. No degree, no girlfriend and he doesn’t even have a job. This guy really needs to get his life together :/

life sucks

9. The party animal

Getting bored? Want to go to a party? Call this dude because he can get you in anywhere. He’s probably at a party right now if you call him. Seriously.


10. The drug addict

This guy cannot function without a joint. Everything he does has to be done high.

‘Going to a wedding?’

‘Yo, let’s go high!’

‘Going for a haircut?’

‘Yo, let’s go high!’

‘Going to the washroom?’

‘Yo, let’s go high!’ (10)

11. The guy who always has a guitar

Be it the beach, a party, your house, someone elses house this guy will have his guitar with him. He doesn’t play that well and just knows wonderwall. But that doesn’t deter him from bringing it EVERYWHERE!


12. The one who’s ALWAYS happy

This guy is generally a happy go lucky guy. He gives off good vibes and doesn’t get angry much or at all. He’s just always happy…. or secretly a serial killer…..


13. The Rotlu

The opposite of the guy who is always happy, this guy is NEVER happy. He has the best things in life but still manages to find faults.

‘Oh man I’m going on vacation, but I couldn’t get first class tickets and ended up going on economy :(‘



14. The mummy daddy bacha

This guy hasn’t lied to his parents. Ever. We’re sure he hasn’t done a single bad thing in his life too. He sleeps at nine, gets up at dawn. He can do NO wrong.


15. The guy who is whipped

He used to be your best friend and was the life of the party until his girlfriend came into the scene. Now he doesn’t even go to the washroom without asking her first. Yup, he’s that guy.


16. The guy who is always with his girlfriend

This guy is very similar to the guy who is whipped except that he just hangs out with his girlfriend 24/7. There is no place he doesn’t go without her. Hell he even brings her to a guy’s night out (which totally defeats the purpose of the night, man!!!)


17. The one who’s always serious

You can’t crack a joke around this guy. He’s so serious about life that he could make a man out of a clown… and everything else! (9)

18. The politician

This guy is a wannabe politician. He dresses like one and even tries talking like one – but is he one? NO!


19. The one who keeps Liking hot pictures on social media and doesn’t care who sees him doing it

Dan Bilzerian is his idol, he’s just goes around Liking his pictures and other pictures of hot women.


20. The tharki

This guy needs to calm down. He’s just always talking about women and what he would do to them. Yeah it’s fun to talk about girls but have a little respect, dude!


21. The sub bheno ka aik bhai

Like the playboy this guy is surrounded by women but for different reasons. He could also be known as mister friendzone but that doesn’t deter him from hanging out with all the girls he knows.


21. The phaday baaz

Got a problem with the cops? Some guy looking at you weird? People outside ready to beat you up? Don’t worry just call this guy. He’s always hanging with his boys smoking sheesha and he’ll be there in a jiffy ready to beat anyone and everyone up.


22. The guy who’s always cracking dirty jokes

Dirty jokes are funny when you hear them once or twice. But if you have to hear them ALL the time you start to lose your mind a little…


23. The chuddy buddy

The best friend a guy could have, the chuddy buddy. The chuddy buddy has the ability of not meeting you for weeks or months even but the minute you guys do meet it’s like you were just hanging out yesterday. Chuddy buddys are the best.


How many of these guys do you know?