26 Famous Pakistani Ammi Quotes We All Know Very Well!
Published: Jun 6, 2015

Mothers are amazing. They put up with us from the day we’re born and till the day they grow old. We’ll always be her ‘baby’ no matter how many kids of our own we have. Along with these times, come times when what Amma says is so typical that any desi kid across the world would be able to relate to it. Perhaps, it’s a ‘desi mother gene’ passed on through millenniums. I mean, I am pretty sure, if animals could talk, they would agree to these things too!

Here are 26 famous Pakistani Ammi quotes that you all must be familiar with:

1. When you’re in trouble and she threatens you.

anay dou apnay baap ko



2. Sometimes she’ll take matters into her own hands.




3. And when dad finds out about what you did she will be like:

janay dein na

4. When you don’t do what you’re asked to do.

saray fasad ki jarh ye phone hai

5. When you don’t score well on an exam.

exam wala

6. When you are sleeping in.

sara  din sootay rehtay ho

7. When you forget what she said.

koorh maghaz

8. When you look everywhere for that needle in the haystack and can’t find it, but she finds it in seconds.

ankhain hain ya button

9. When you say you have a headache.

sar dard

10. When you don’t respond on time because you’re using your cell phone.

aag laga doongi

11. When you repeat the same mistake you’ve already been lectured on before.

aik kaan se suntay ho

12. She will constantly remind you to pray on time.


13. When you ask her to close the door when she’s on her way out.

nokar lagi hoon

14. When you ask her to make biryani along side some shahi tukray.

machine samajtay ho

15. When you’re being lazy.


16. When she’s generally tired of your crap.

kya azaab hai ye

17. When it’s the summer and you drink water from the fridge.



18. After she’s done lecturing you about how you’re fat and no one will send you a rishta, she’ll add:

“Aik roti aur khalo. Chawal doon thoray aur? Fridge main chocolate bhi rakhi hai wo kha leyna?”


19. When you’re being really dense and don’t get what she’s saying.


20. When you’re not being ‘proper’ and there are hypothetical char log waiting to judge you.

“Sharam tou aati nahi hai na tumhe. Koi lehaz nahi hai, char log kya kahien gay?”

chaar log

21. When you are way over your head and tryna act cool.

“Shakal dekhi hai kabhi aienay main?”


22. And while talking to another relative she’ll say:

“Haye meri chaand si gurya.” “Haye mera shehzada lakhon main aik hai.”

mera shehzada

23. When you offer to help her but she says no. After a while she be like:

working maa

24. When you’re being a spendthrift.

“Haan paisay tou darakht pe ugtay hain na, nawab ki aulad.”

nawab ki aulad

25. When you’ve taking a phone-call for way too long, especially the sons.

Kiski maa

26. When you and your dad are busted for something. Or when dad takes your side.

baap beta

To all Ammi’s out there,

Regardless of how much fun we make of you, Ma, or how much we bother you, we promise you one thing, we love you and you are one in a million. Each one of you. :P

We’re blessed to have Ammis like you in our lives. A special shout out to all those mamas of the world, especially our Pakistani ones who made this post possible!