26 Jus Reign Vines That Have You Rolling On The Floor Gasping For Air!
Source: Jus Reign Facebook Page
Published: Jun 27, 2015

Looking for laughs? Well, look no further because Jasmeet Singh will have you laughing in fits in no time. Here is a fun compilation of vines from Jus Reign.


1. When you’re sick and your dad’s like

2. Stereotyping like:

3. That weird Snapchatter

4. When your parents don’t get your lingo

5. When wedding success and failures are judged by food.

6. Desis will bargain for everything… EVERYTHING

7.  ‘Cause making babies is that easy

8.  When you’re being suicidal and your close friend be like

9. Well that escalated quickly…

10. When people are obsessed with horoscopes

11. When people try to be funny about stuff

12. Weird stuff you do when you’re working and listening to music

13. When you talk about dieting

14. When you get an unknown dent on your car

15. That awkward moment made even more… awkward

16. Are you really that dumb?

17. Halal water anyone?!

18. This joke was on point

19. When you’re high..

20. When you forget about V-day!

21. When you get caught passing notes in class

22. When someone asks for your passcode you’re like

23. When people can’t pronounce your name

24. Desi boi swag on snapchat

25. What every unboxing video should be like

26. Not trying to be offensive but I kinda am so…