35 Amazing Eh Bee Vines That You Just Cannot Miss!
Source: Eh Bee Facebook page
Published: Jul 4, 2015

Eh Bee Family is one of the funniest families on the internet. They make vines and try to have as much fun as they can as a family. They have more than two million likes on their Facebook page and their vines will have you rolling on the floor.

Here is a compilation of the Eh Bee Family!

1. Things kids try to get their way

2. What car rides were like before technology

3. When there is too much turbulence in the plane and it feels like

4. When the Captain at the start of Sponge Bob asks you twice

5. When someone hits you with their trolley in the mall

6. Accidents during hide and seek

7. When parents try to get you to take cheaper phones

8. How dads work out

9. When parents say no before you can even ask

10. Parents on Monday vs Kids on Saturday

11. You had one job

12. When you are cleaning while listening to music

13. Sometimes when dad buys a gift for mom

14. That one guy who always has an opinion

15. When parents are going out and you have the house to yourself

16. When people double dip in your sauce/dip

17. When you are singing to your favourite tune but the wrong part comes on

18. And when that happens again

19. When you see lots of money

20. Sometimes when pets get special treatment than people

21. Grandma to the rescue

22. And how grandma spoils you

23. How punishments were then and now

24. Sometimes when your phone is more important than family

25. When you don’t want to share your favourite food.

26. When you have to squeeze the last bit of toothpaste, the struggle is real!

27. When you try to make kids eat healthy

28. When you get to play your playlist in the car

29. Waking up with kids

30. Nothing is more terrifying than a Monday

31. When you take turns to play your favourite song

32. When you take accepting apologies too far

33. When you want some me-time

34. When people are being annoying while singing

35. And last but not the least, some of the Eh Bee Family’s best moments!