35 Typically Pakistani ‘Boi’ Dialogues
Published: Jun 9, 2015

Boys have their own language. I tried decoding it and this is what I came up with. But for all the boys out there – if I am wrong please correct me in the comment section below and I’ll make the changes ;)

Here are dialogues that, I believe, are part of every Pakistani boy’s life:

1) When a friend asks them to hang out:


2) When Mum’s call scares the bejesus out of them but they can’t tell you that:


3) When they like a girl:

b38 - Copy

4) When they blackmail their bros:

b37 - Copy

5) When they see a not-so-close-friend:

b36 - Copy

6) A night before the exam:

b35 - Copy

7) When they don’t know what to say:

b14 - Copy

8) When they know their friend is right:

b34 - Copy

9) When a friend is too busy:

b33 - Copy

10) When they’ve waited too long:

b32 - Copy

11) When they ignore your message and don’t reply:

b31 - Copy

12) When they know you are telling the truth:

b30 - Copy

13) When they hate your driving skills:

b29 - Copy

14) When they think you are acting crazy:

b28 - Copy

15) When they think you are high:

b27 - Copy

16) When they think you are acting cool:

b26 - Copy

17) When they think your ideas are suicidal:

b25 - Copy

18) When you are not ready to do ‘adventurous’ stuff with them:

b24 - Copy

19) When they know you’ve won the argument:

b23 - Copy

20) When they see someone becoming free with them:

b22 - Copy

21) When they don’t believe you:


22) All the time:


23) When you say something insane:


24) When they are trying desperately to hide a secret:

b17 - Copy

25) When they are trying to act innocent:


26) Whenever they go to college:


27) When they think you are irritating them:


28) When they look at a HOT girl:


29) When you have good news. In fact when you have any news:


30) When they think you are being difficult:


31) When they want to tell their boy that they love him but can’t say it straight up:


32) When they think you are cooler than them:


33) Any time. All the time.


34) When they know we know them:


35) When they think they are prettier than Barbie:


Boys, I tell you!