5 Cost-effective Air-conditioners You Can Make At Home Yourself!
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Published: Jun 22, 2015

The deadly heat wave has claimed the lives of many in the past two days. The death toll in Karachi alone rose to 200, today. While most of us are fortunate enough to afford an air-conditioner, there are poor families who live in congested rooms and with the untimely load-shedding it makes matters even worse.

We can help these people out to beat the killer heat with this easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) air-conditioners.  Let’s do something worthwhile in the spirit of Ramazan, shall we?

Here are five ways to make home-made air-conditioners that are not heavy on the pocket!

1. An easy and inexpensive way to make an AC.

2.  A a little tricky to make but you can move it from room to room and carry it along with you.

3.  This one can be solar powered. It is similar to the first one except it uses PVC elbow joints instead of dryer vents.

Put a big block of ice in the chest, pour some salt over the ice block (to keep the ice cooler longer), and you’ll get hours of use.

4. This works great but also requires you to be a little handy.

At the time this was made the house temp was 28°C , and the air blowing out of this DIY AC was a chilly 7°C.

5. This DIY is durable, does extra cooling and can be solar powered.

You do need a few tools though, but it’s a fairly easy build. Here are the specs for the fan, and solar panel if you choose to use one:

  • Fan 12 VDC 10W 0.8.
  • Solar Panel (optional) 15W 1 amp

All these air-conditioners are cost effective, easy-to-make and will help face the heatwave. Do it yourself, in the spirit of Ramazan.

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