7 Of The Weirdest Things Celebrities Get Insured
Published: May 29, 2015

We’ve already seen how many celebrities have insured their legs¬†and for how much. Now we’re going to show you what else celebrities get insured.

1. Their Butts


Kylie Minouge is rumoured to have had her behind insured for $5million while Kim Kardashian is rumoured to have had her behind insured for $21million. But no one beats the Queen bee of behinds, Jennifer Lopez, who has had her behind insured for… wait for it… $300million! That’s a lot of zeros.

2. Their Semen :S

Source: therangeplace.forummotions.com


Yes, someone actually got their semen insured. Rock star, David Lee Roth, insured his semen for $1million in case one of his groupies came back to sue him for paternity.

3. Chest hair

Source: riskmanagementmonitor.com


Tom Jones is obssesed with his chest hair. So much so that he got it insured for $7million.

4. Alien insurance

Source: thehairstyler.com


Shirley McLaine is known for her belief in extraterrestrial life. So, in the event that she gets abducted, she got her acting fortune insured for $25million!

5. Hands

Source: en.wikipedia.org


Keith Richards had gotten his hands insured for $1.6 million because to him,

“These are the business”

6. Tongues

Source: gma.yahoo.com


Both artists are notorious for sticking their tongues out and have insured them for $1million each.

7. Hair

Source: cbsnews.com


Troy Polamalu, a football star, hadn’t cut his hair for over a decade and after signing a contract with Head&Shoulders had his hair insured for $1million.


Wow. I didn’t even know that these things could claim insurance!